Our professional Fulfillment team pick, pack, arrange shipments and deliver your orders to regional customers within UAE and Middle Eastern Region

We offer 3 dimension connecting merchants, customers & courier companies through our FBH and MMF

You concentrate on business expansion and sales, we shall handle your day-to-day shipments with dedication and priority. HyperMarkets.Me started one of the most beneficial fulfillment service domestically located within Dubai where world comes together, and your business can benefit from our service.

With eCommerce Fulfillment by HyperMarkets (FBH), you store your products in our fulfillment centers within UAE, and we pick, pack, arrange shipments, and provide customer service for these products. Best of all, FBH can help you scale your business and reach more customers.

Eligibility for Free Shipment

Customers get trusted customer service and returns.

Our services let your e-commerce grow quickly.

It's cost-efficient and easy.


Easy & simple setup procedures to eliminate all time and all level fulfillment issues to help you concentrate on importing new and niche products for your business.

1. Setting up FBH

Sign up for seller account on sell.hypermarkets.me, Add FBH to your account. Contact us admin@hypermarkets.me for more info.

2. Create your product listings

Send us your products in excel or csv format along with high resolution images. And we shall assist in listing to the HyperMarkets catalog. Contact us admin@hypermarkets.me for more info.

3. Get ready your products

Make sure your products are ready with proper packaging and markings along with usage manual and descriptions helping customers to understand and retain the product. This would reduce RTN - Return of products. Presentation and first impression are very important to retain customers satisfaction and repeat orders. So please make sure to send your packages with adequate packing inorder to be safely and securely transported all the way to customer.

4. Ship your products to HyperMarkets.Me

Create your shipping plans, engage discounted partner carriers to deliver to our warehouse, and ship and track your shipments to HyperMarkets fulfillment centers. Our seller support team could assist you with assistance all your step forward to success.

5. Customers order your products, and Fulfillment team pick, pack, arrange shipments

Our customers get fast, free shipping on eligible orders even if they order combine with other products on HyperMarkets.Me Store, and all customers can qualify for FREE shipping on eligible orders. First time customer and long term repeated customers are treated with same level of customer service to obtain full satisfaction. HyperMarkets Fulfills those orders quickly and efficiently using our efficient, network of delivery partners, high-speed picking and despatch system is key to our success. Customers receive tracking information automated from our system to their messenger, sms and/or email addresses. Delivery notification would be send to customers in all stages of order and would also update them if any promotions are available.

6. HyperMarkets provides customer support on products you sell

Our globally connected specialist customer-service team manages customer inquiries, refunds, and returns for orders on HyperMarkets and other marketplaces, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Simplify fulfillment and offer fast, reliable shipping with Multi-Market Fulfillment

You store with us we sell and ship to customers

HyperMarkets Multi-Market Fulfillment (MMF) helps you grow your business by giving you access to fulfillment service, operational expertise, and trusted shipping partners for all of your orders, from wherever they’re placed—both on HyperMarkets.Me and on other Marketplace sales channels.

With Multi-Market Fulfillment (MMF) 

You can fulfill orders from other sales channels using your inventory stored in HyperMarkets fulfillment centers. Single-source your stock to contour your fulfillment operations. You manage your inventory through an online user interface and can direct HyperMarkets to return your inventory in our fulfillment centers at any time.

Improve customer experience

With MMF, you improve customer experience with faster delivery and simplified operations. Store your inventory in our warehouses, and lower your fulfillment costs with HyperMarkets.Me competitive rates and scalable capacity.

List your Stock with other Marketplaces

When you register for an HyperMarkets.Me seller account, you can sell on HyperMarkets.Me and other marketplaces within Emirates and Saudi Arabia. If you also enable FBH for products you have and option to list on other marketplaces like SOUQ.COM, NOON.COM and other premium marketplaces and you can reach even more customers across UAE and KSA who love trusted fast, FREE Shipping.



On-Time Delivery

Advantage the efficiency and accuracy that powers HyperMarkets Fulfillment. You can offer 1-day, 2-day, or standard (3-5 business day) delivery options to your customer across all marketplaces listed using our fulfillment center

Easy Trading Operations

Manage your online business from a single inventory source. Let HyperMarkets.Me take care of inventory placement across the UAE, shipping carriers, and fulfillment—all while you focus on your business


Take advance of Multiple selling channels using single point inventory with fulfilled by hypermarkets


Insistent Scalability 

Grow your business without increasing your fixed costs. With MMF, you can manage seasonal projection without additional resources.


What makes FBH and MMF special other than a similar service provider?

1. Technology

We are developing a API connectivity which integrate our fulfillment operations with marketplace shopping carts, making order processing fast and easy automated which would allow you to track packages and inventory in real-time from anywhere in the world.

2. Service

With multiple servicing international customer support locations, we understand the needs of businesses like yours. Our processes are easy, simple and reliable. You have a dedicated seller support team at FBH and MMF with expertise in English, Arabic, Russian, Ukranian, Hindi, Urdu and other regional languages.

3. Location

Our FBH warehouse is strategically located in Eastern Emirates Al Ain with other co-warehouses in Dubai for fast moving items, allowing you to effectively reach us. We are connected with the center of the World. Store with FBH enabling merchants to Single-point your stock to ensure your fulfillment orders.

4. Cash on Delivery

Customers prefer to pay at delivery and yes we do collect cash at delivery and send in to your account on agreed date you prefer or schedule not less than 7days between each transfer.

5. International Express Delivery

UAE is the key market with our expertise over years of operations. However we are compatible to scalablity of your business and orders to customers within other GCC region such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and other Middle Eastern sectors alike. We offer clients door-to-door service without any hassles of customs, clearance and inland deliveries.